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The correspondence series contains letters from various senders about the MacDonald Collection and/or special collections in general at the Mount. The bulk of the correspondence is between William MacDonald and Sister Francis de Sales and were written in the 1950s. These letters, which are predominantly written by MacDonald to Sister de Sales, usually accompanied shipments of books to the College or were sent separately at roughly the same time as a package of books. In these letters, Mr. MacDonald typically sends greetings and brief life updates. More significantly however, these letters also highlight or comment on a few books within a particular shipment, noting interesting physical details about the books, commenting on the topics of the books or its authors, their origin and their price. It is interesting to note that while these mentioned books may represent the personal literary tastes of MacDonald, he approaches many of his descriptions from an economic lens, reflecting his profession as an accountant and investor.

There are also letters written by and received by William MacDonald from various persons. These include correspondence with booksellers, mainly informing William of requested books that have already sold, or offering the first selection on new acquisitions. There is also correspondence with and about the author George Bernard Shaw, in regards to an Engles book Shaw had inscribed and signed. William MacDonald’s family are also within the correspondence which includes a letter to his sister Teresa (also known as Sister Mary Aquinas), and letters from his sisters Katherine and Minnie written to the librarians of the Mount thanking them for their condolences on the occasion of William’s death. The original death notice via telegram is also within the records.

The series also includes two letters from Katherine McLennan to Sister Francis de Sales regarding two books she donated to the Mount to be included in the Special Collections (i.e. the MacDonald Collection). One of these books is a handwritten manuscript of prayers written in Mi’kmaq ideograms which is currently housed in the MacDonald Room pending repatriation.

Other letters include more modern correspondence from Mount librarians on topics related to the MacDonald collection, such as research inquiries or research conducted about the collection.

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Evaristus Hall

Subseries consists of architectural drawings relating to the planning, construction, and renovation of Evaristus Hall.

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MSVU Facilities Management fonds

  • UR-005
  • Arquivo
  • 1949-2018

The Facilities Management fonds contains records produced by the Facilities Management department of Mount Saint Vincent University. These records document the department’s various activities on the campus.

Presently, the fonds contains three series.
The first series contains records relating to the university grounds which encompasses nearly 38 acres of land. Types of records in this series include information on the Sister Lua Arboretum, the Mount’s fitness trail (Freda Wales Walking Trail), donations for memorial benches, trees and plants located on campus, and tree and plant care for the campus, including details on pesticide and fertilization activities. The records also include articles and reports detailing grounds maintenance, as well as records relating to the history and design of the MSVU grounds. Finally, important documentation and policies relating to safety are also included. A select number of born-digital files are also part of this series. Please contact an Archivist for more information about the scope and content of these digital files.

The second series contains original architectural plans for a number of buildings at the university, including Evaristus Hall, Seton Academic Centre (referred to as the Academic Building in the architectural plans), E. Margaret Fulton Communications Centre, Rosaria Student Centre, and the Motherhouse as well as other proposed buildings for MSVU campus. Various copies of architectural plans are available and show different designs.

The third series consists of photographs of MSVU campus.

Further accruals for this fonds are anticipated.

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Architectural Plans

Series consists of architectural plans for various construction and renovation projects at Mount Saint Vincent University from 1949-1989. The series contains technical and architectural drawings, including site plans, plot plans, floor plans, section details, elevation drawings and architectural sketches. Certain files include notes or letters describing the contents of the drawings.

This series is divided into 12 subseries according to architectural projects. These include:

  1. Evaristus Hall (1949-1974)
  2. Berchman’s Hall (1960-1964)
  3. Academic Building (1966-1972)
  4. Student Union Building (1960)
  5. Lourd’s Building (1963)
  6. E. Margaret Fulton Communications Centre (1987-1989)
  7. City of Halifax road plans (1971-1973)
  8. Motherhouse Building (1957-1973)
  9. Rosaria Student Centre (1965-1972)
  10. Proposed set of buildings facing Bedford Highway [1967?]
  11. Student housing plan [19--?]
  12. Child Study Centre playground [19--?]

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