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Material found in Occasional Sermons by Ronald Arbuthnott Knox

Includes letter to Donald Duffie dated 11 Feb 1941. Thanks Duffie for the Christmas letter and updates on Canadian mutual friends. No updates from friends at congregation. Updates on a few friends from Oxford incl Kevin O’Neill, Bernard Rochford , Robert Risley (officers) Robin Edwards of BNC, new catholic president of the union. Francis de Zulueta invited him to Oxford for a conference. Mentions how men only stay a few terms before joining the army.

Material found in The Hidden Stream by Ronald Arbuthnott Knox

Contains a letter from Knox to Donald Duffie dated 4 Jan 1942, thanking him for the Christmas card. Mentions paper shortage and that there is no news from his seminary. Knox says he is wondering when Donald will be The Reverend Duffie. Mentions not having met any of the Canadian forces in England during WW2, except “a few strangers in trains”. Expects to see his cousin John Knox coming to England as a chaplain for the forces. On giving a personal news, Knox tells Duffie that he lives “out of the world here, looking after a convent school when I’m not translating the Bible” and that he gets little news of Oxford friends though he has a fixture at Oxford coming up. Talks about overcrowded chapel despite the falling-off of male population (assumed to be due to war). Mentions that John Lochrane and Peter Morsen (Sp?) have been taken in as POWs and asks to pray for them.

Material found in The Belief of Catholics by Ronald Arbuthnott Knox

Contains a letter to Rev. Duffie from Ronald Knox dated 23 May 1948. In the letter, he apologizes for his late reply to the Christmas letter he received. Gives an update on business affairs, comments on parishioners now with Rev. Duffie, comments on various chaplains and acquaintances, wedding of his niece and Desmond Fitzgerald, updates from Catholics at Oxford. With envelope.

Material found in Broadcast Minds by Ronald Arbuthnott Knox

Two autograph letters signed RAK addressed to Rev. Donald Duffie who was a colleague at Oxford.
The first letter is dated 13 Jan 1952. The letter thanks Duffie for the Christmas letter and updates on mutual acquaintances, many of whom are involved with the Catholic Church: Barry Nicholas, John Addington, Naill O’Neill, among others.
The second letter is dated 25 Jan 1951. The letter thanks Duffie for his latest correspondence and updates from mutual acquaintances. Addressed envelopes included.

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