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Mount Saint Vincent University. Student Union
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Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union fonds

  • UR-004
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1920 - 2011

Fond consists of textual records and photographs relating to Mount Saint Vincent University's Student Union. The contents of this collection were largely created by the student council members and administration at MSVU. The largest series within this collection is administrative materials but there are also many documents relating to events, publications such as the Student Handbook and student newspaper (the Picaro), financial documents, documents relating to Student Union regulations, the Student Union’s businesses and services, as well as committees on which student council members serve, Student Union projects, and documents relating to non-traditional Mount students and the organizations to which they belong. The Mount Saint Vincent University Student associations included within the fonds are at least partially governed by executive members of the Student Union.

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The Picaro

This subseries contains issues of the Picaro, which is the name of the student newspaper which was owned and operated by Mount Saint Vincent University’s Student Union. The Picaro began in 1965 but the name was briefly changed to Jargon from 2002-2004 and was eventually changed to Sentinel in 2005.

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Campus Bulletins

This subseries contains various bulletins and announcements related to the Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union. The file also includes a brochure about the services which the Student Union offers.

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Administrative Materials

This series consists of textual and graphic administrative materials that relate to the Mount Saint Vincent Student Union. This series contains minutes from Student Union executive and committee meetings, a Councilor's Handbook, Student Union executive membership, reports from Student Union executive members, miscellaneous reports, copies and revisions of the constitution, annual general meeting minutes, personnel files, records of correspondence, records of computer systems used, campus bulletins, newspaper clippings that related to the Union, and Student Union by-laws.

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The subseries contains drafts of the constitution, revisions, and final versions of the documents. The file also contains records of correspondence related to its creation.

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Councillor’s Handbook

This subseries contains various documents which appear to have been intentionally compiled for new student council members. The handbook file contains a list of student council (Student Union executive) members, information about the Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union Retreat, records of correspondence, a breakdown of Student Union fees, a list of administrative offices and staff at the Mount, diagrams representing the hierarchy of command within the Student Union, a history of Mount Saint Vincent University, a statement of the university’s philosophy and objectives, documents explaining the Mount Saint Vincent University senate and committees, a message from the president, information about the Canadian Federation of Students (of which MSVU is a member), and rules regarding general meetings of the Canadian Federation of Students.

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This subseries contains two miscellaneous publications: a student council election pamphlet, and a pamphlet on the National Week of Reflection (co-produced by the Women's Studies Society and the Mount Saint Vincent Student Union in commemoration of the Montreal Massacre).

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