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Committee on Academic Policy and Planning

The Committee on Academic Policy and Planning is currently a standing committee of Senate, although prior to 1966 it reported to the President. Until 1987 this Committee was referred to as the Academic Committee, the Committee on Academic Affairs, or the Academic Affairs Committee. The function of the Academic Committee was to act as liaison between the Faculty and the University Administration in academic matters and to deal with academic matters in general. The Academic Policy and Planning Committee oversees the Graduate Studies Committee (which was a Sub-Committee struck in 1969 which met until 1989), the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (was the Curriculum Sub-Committee until 1987) and the Alternative Approaches to Teaching Committee. In 1988 it also oversaw the Cooperative Education Sub-Committee and the Departmental Review Sub-Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to serve as consultant and advisor to the Senate on matters dealing with academic policy and planning

The membership of the Committee is the Vice-President (Academic), as chairperson, the Dean of Professional Studies and the Dean of Arts and Science, the Director of Distance Learning and Continuing Education, the Registrar (non-voting), six faculty members, elected by faculty: two representatives from Arts & Science, two representatives from Professional Studies, and two members at large and one third or fourth-year student representative named by student council. Chairs of the Committee have included Sister Margaret Molloy (1973-1974) and Dr. W. J. Shelton (1979-1980).

Series forms part of Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds and consists of records generated by the functions of the Academic Policy and Planning Committee, which include: to discuss, review, and study philosophies and concepts of education affecting academic programs and the university; to recommend to the Senate the academic terms on which any faculty, school, institute, centre, department, chair, or course of instruction may be
established or discontinued in the university; to consider proposals from the Undergraduate Curriculum and Graduate Studies Committee as appropriate; to recommend to Senate academic priorities of all undergraduate and graduate courses and programs; review and make recommendations regarding any agreement for academic cooperation made with organizations or institutions external to the university; form ad hoc committees of academic policy and planning as required to further the development of policy and planning of programs which at certain times may require concentrated attention and specific membership expertise; exercise such other functions, powers and duties as may from time to time be conferred on it by the Senate; nominate one of its members to the Graduate
Studies Committee. Fonds consists of inter-office memorandums and minutes of meetings of the Committee for Academic Affairs (1957-1987, 1991-1992); memorandums and guidelines for new course offerings used in decisions made by the Committee (1972-1974);
minutes of meetings of the Policy and Planning Sub-Committee (1979-1980); Three-Year Review of Courses and Programmes (1978-1979); preliminary report of the Sub-Committee on Interdisciplinary Studies (ca. 1970), and correspondence of the Review Sub-Committee (1986-1987).

Fonds also consists of consists of memos proposing a Graduate Studies Committee (1969), which was created that year to recommend the requirements for admission to Graduate study reporting to Senate. After 1989 the Graduate Studies Committee was a Subcommittee
of the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning and reported to Senate through that Standing committee. The membership of the Graduate Studies Sub-Committee
includes a Dean, as Chair, the Registrar, and one faculty member from the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning. Elected members include a member for each department having a graduate program, and one graduate student from each department having graduate programs, to be named by the Graduate Students Association.

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Committee on Information Technology and Services

In 1990 the Computer Advisory Committee was formed. Later known as the Committee on Information Technology and Services, this Committee was a standing Committee of Senate. The purpose of the Committee is to advise and recommend to Senate appropriate academic policies, guidelines, needs and priorities relating to the delivery of electronic information and network services at Mount Saint Vincent University, to include on occasion broader issues that affect the University community as a whole. Membership includes the Director of Information Technology and Services, and the Director of Distance learning and Continuing Education, as well as one member of Senate, four full-time members of faculty, and one
student member. The Committee meets at least four times a year.

Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds and consists of the minutes of the Computer Advisory Committee for 1990, generated by fulfilling the functions of the Committee, which include recommending to Senate policies and priorities regarding the acquisition and development of information technology and services to meet the academic needs, both instructional and research, of the University; to serve as an advisory committee to the Director of Information Technology and Services on the academic needs of the University; and to consult with academic departments regarding their priorities and needs for information technology.

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Library Committee

The Library Committee is a standing committee of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate. The Committee meets no less than four times per year, and consists of the University Librarian or Assistant Vice-President; a professional librarian, six members of faculty, three from each division, and two students to be named by Student Council. Chairs of the Committee have included Sister A. M. Westwater (1977 -1978). Recording secretaries have included Annette Pothier (1977), Lynn A. Kelley (1977) and Carolyn Scanlan (1980-1981).

Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds and consists of minutes of meetings of the Library Committee (1975-2003) generated by the functions of the Library Committee which include advising the University Librarian/Assistant Vice President and Senate on priorities and policies regarding library resources and services at the University, and on matters pertaining to departmental library allocations. The Committee also considers other matters that have a bearing on the teaching and research support provided by the Library. Series also contains a discussion of the Budget Allocation Formula Options, presented by Terry Paris, on January 18, 2005.

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Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is a standing committee of Senate. Membership of the Committee consists of five elected faculty members, at least one of whom is a member of the Senate. Chairs of the Committee have included Joseph Foy (1972); Sister Mary Lua Gavin (1979-1980) and Joan Ryan (1980-1981).

Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds and consists of minutes of meetings, memorandums and reports to Senate from the Nominations Committee, generated when conducting nominations and elections by Senate and faculty members, the functions of which are to secure nominations for faculty elections, conducting these elections, preparing and presenting to Senate, for ratification at the last meeting of the year, a slate of candidates for all Standing Committees of Senate, and to the Dalhousie Senate, and recommending to Senate changes in the procedures for nominations and elections.

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Home Economics Class

MSV Home Economics Class
Sitting on floor in front Anne Meech. Behind her left to right Dalphine Jordan, ? , Eileen Finnegan
Next row: Mary Daly, Kisbel Kane
Next row: Mary Conlan, Hope Willard, Anita Faulkner
Last row: Beryl Blackney, Doreen Landry

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