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Mary Burke fonds

  • Accession 1982-93 and 2003-220
  • Arquivo
  • 1935-1936

Fonds consists of a volume of poetry entitled "The Blossoming Bough," written by Mary Burke, and published posthumously in 1936. Fonds also includes a photograph of Mary Burke (1935), a copy of Mary Burke's obituary, and a poem entitled "Mary" written by Sister Maura.

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Humanities Committee fonds

  • Accession 1986-59
  • Arquivo
  • 1980 - 1987

Fonds consists of minutes of meetings, correspondence and background materials of the Humanities Committee (1980-1987).

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Mary Dulhanty fonds

  • Accession 1998-16
  • Arquivo
  • 1926 - 1927

Fonds consists of a diary kept by Mary Dulhanty while she was a Commercial student at Mount Saint Vincent College.

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Cynthia H. Plant-Hansen fonds

  • Accession 2005-32
  • Arquivo
  • 1978-1979

Fonds consists of three journals from Cynthia H. Plant-Hansen's second and third practicums in the Child Studies program at Mount Saint Vincent University.

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School of Nursing fonds

  • Accession 1992-64
  • Arquivo
  • 1938, 1951-1980, 1988

Fonds consists of correspondence, reports, course material, agreements, newsletters, conference material, minutes, brochures, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the activities of the Mount Saint Vincent University School of Nursing.

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Sister Lua Gavin fonds

  • Accession 2003-261
  • Arquivo
  • 1958-1979

Fonds consists of administrative memos and budgets related to the Biology department that were sent to Sister Lua Gavin.

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Campus Ministry fonds

  • Accession 2005-152
  • Arquivo
  • 1932, 1952, 1961-1997, predominant 1980-1993 (Creation)

Fonds consists of surveys on the effectiveness of Campus Ministry (1987, 1991), memorandums, correspondence, bulletins, programs, liturgical literature, financial records, newspaper clippings, photographs, and records of the Campus Ministry Planning Committee (1986-1988). Fonds also consists of copies of the Word of Mount newsletter (1988-1990, 1992-1993, 1997), which outlines workshops, services, events, and programs organized by the Campus Ministry office

Home Maker's Conference [sound recording]

Side A of this audio recording includes a talk given by Judy [Judith] Giffen, a lawyer with Nova Scotia Legal Aid, on the legal rights of homemakers, including the history of women's legal rights and the rights and obligations of married women in Nova Scotia. This talk takes place from 00:02:28 to 00:29:19; question period from 00:29:30 to 00:48:40. Dr. Lorette Toews from Acadia University speaks from 00:49:00 to 00:50:55 on the creation of a new women's studies journal, Atlantis. Kathy Logan, Coordinator of International Women's Year for Nova Scotia, summarises the responses to the seven main questions discussed in the morning session of the conference from 00:51:36 to 1:03:32. Side B of this recording contains discussion of part-time work and MLA Melinda MacLean speaks on creating a homemakers association. MSVU President Sister Mary Albertus speaks from 00:09:58 to 00: on the Mount's perspective on women's education, employment, and overall enrichment. These talks took place during the afternoon (2:30 - 4:00 pm) of the Home Maker's Conference.

Home Maker's Conference [sound recording]

This recording contains two sides. Side A of this recording contains a panel discussion on the status of the home maker with a panel of seven women, each giving a speech about themselves and their type of home making and/or their struggles and successes as home maker. Side B is the continuation of the panel followed by questions. Side A of this recording's panel discussion begins with an introduction to this panel on the status of the homemaker from Mary [?] which takes place between 00:00:00 to 00:00:48. Sarah Niche invites attendees to find someone they've never met and introduce themselves followed by a short introduction to the panel and panelists from 00:00:49 to 00:05:09. From 00:05:09 to 00:13:25 Daphne Carver speaks on her personal experience as an urban homemaker. From 00:13:34 to 00:23:00 Rosemary Constanzo [sp] speaks about the homemakers influence as consumers. From 00:23:01 to 00:32:30 Peggy Neil discusses rural homemaking. From 00:32:31 to 00:37:18 Carol Reggan discusses private homemaking and public life. From 00:37:19 to 00:55:15 Lilian Wrisely [sp] speaks about employment relationships. From 00:55:16 to 01:03:21 Barbara Hoare [sp] speaks about how the homemaker is seen by others. From 01:03:22 to 01:03:54 Mary MacKenzie [sp]'s speech is entitled it's great to be me. The recording cuts off after less than a minute of Mary's speech. Side B is a continuation from the panel of homemakers. Mary McKenzie's [sp] speech from Side A continues from 00:00:00 to 00:06:25. From 00:06:26 to 00:7:34 Sarah Niche reflects on the speeches and opens the floor up to questions. From 07:35 to 00:14:11 attendees ask questions and make comments which are difficult to hear in the recording. From 00:14:12 to 00:17:27 schedule updates are given by an unnamed woman. From 00:17:28 to 00:18:59 the director of the Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery, Mary Sparling says a welcome to attendees. From 00:18:59 to 00:23:19 are the sounds are the attendees leaving the room where this panel was taking place.

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