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Mount Saint Vincent University. Student Union
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Society Reports

This subseries is primarily comprised of reports from Mount Saint Vincent societies which are overseen and funded by the Student Union. This file contains reports from Vinnie’s Pub, the campus police, the home economics society, the science society, the business society, and many other societies. The file also contains some reports form Student Union executive members and some annual reports.

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Student Union Fees

This subseries contains a breakdown of where Student Union fees were spent within the Mount Saint Vincent Student Union (1987-1987, 1988-1989) and a document which shows how Student Union fees have increased over time (1971-1987).

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Businesses and Services

This series contains information about the businesses and services which are owned and operated by the Mount Saint Vincent Student Union. Presently, the series contains information about Vinnie’s Pub. The series contains a pub management agreement and related documents, statistics regarding pub revenues and attendance, and documents related to pub renovations.

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Housing Researchers

This subseries contains information about off-campus housing near Mount Saint Vincent University. The file includes an office campus survival guide, a document called: Summer Housing Project 1987, an apartment and landlord directory, a host family association pamphlet, related records of correspondence, and advice for students who wish to rent.

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Building Committee

This file contains information relating to Mount Saint Vincent University’s Building Committee, on which members of the Mount Saint Vincent student council serve. This file contains various documents related to construction at the Mount such as records of correspondence, meeting minutes, progress reports, and financial information pertaining to construction project

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Councillor’s Handbook

This subseries contains various documents which appear to have been intentionally compiled for new student council members. The handbook file contains a list of student council (Student Union executive) members, information about the Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union Retreat, records of correspondence, a breakdown of Student Union fees, a list of administrative offices and staff at the Mount, diagrams representing the hierarchy of command within the Student Union, a history of Mount Saint Vincent University, a statement of the university’s philosophy and objectives, documents explaining the Mount Saint Vincent University senate and committees, a message from the president, information about the Canadian Federation of Students (of which MSVU is a member), and rules regarding general meetings of the Canadian Federation of Students.

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Orientation (Restricted)

This subseries contains various textual documents related to Mount Saint Vincent’s orientation week. The file contains new student survey results, new student questionnaires, the 1987 and 1988 Orientation Handbook and Calendar. The file also contains schedules of events, a welcome from the Student Union President (Paul Card), and many records of correspondence related to the planning of orientation week.

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