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Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is a standing committee of Senate. Membership of the Committee consists of five elected faculty members, at least one of whom is a member of the Senate. Chairs of the Committee have included Joseph Foy (1972); Sister Mary Lua Gavin (1979-1980) and Joan Ryan (1980-1981).

Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds and consists of minutes of meetings, memorandums and reports to Senate from the Nominations Committee, generated when conducting nominations and elections by Senate and faculty members, the functions of which are to secure nominations for faculty elections, conducting these elections, preparing and presenting to Senate, for ratification at the last meeting of the year, a slate of candidates for all Standing Committees of Senate, and to the Dalhousie Senate, and recommending to Senate changes in the procedures for nominations and elections.

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Library Committee

The Library Committee is a standing committee of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate. The Committee meets no less than four times per year, and consists of the University Librarian or Assistant Vice-President; a professional librarian, six members of faculty, three from each division, and two students to be named by Student Council. Chairs of the Committee have included Sister A. M. Westwater (1977 -1978). Recording secretaries have included Annette Pothier (1977), Lynn A. Kelley (1977) and Carolyn Scanlan (1980-1981).

Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds and consists of minutes of meetings of the Library Committee (1975-2003) generated by the functions of the Library Committee which include advising the University Librarian/Assistant Vice President and Senate on priorities and policies regarding library resources and services at the University, and on matters pertaining to departmental library allocations. The Committee also considers other matters that have a bearing on the teaching and research support provided by the Library. Series also contains a discussion of the Budget Allocation Formula Options, presented by Terry Paris, on January 18, 2005.

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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee was formed to keep the University community informed of Senate decisions and concerns. Senate then accepted the principle of open meetings and posting of agendas, and the Communications Committee was dissolved 25 October 1971, as the purpose for which the Committee was formed no longer existed. In 1971, the Coordinating Committee on Communications was created, reporting to the President's Office, and not Senate.

Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds and consists of interoffice memorandums, reports and minutes generated by the Communications Committee (1969-1971) when keeping the University community informed of Senate decisions and concerns.

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Committee on Teaching and Learning

The Committee on Teaching and Learning is a standing committee of Senate. This Committee was originally known as the Committee on Continuing Education and Summer School until it was folded into the Committee on Teaching ca. 1995.

The purpose of the Committee on Continuing Education and Summer School was to provide for the continuous re-examination of the continuing education philosophy and policy of the University to make recommendations to Senate, and to ensure the provision of challenging and diversified continuing education programs. The membership of the committee included the Director of Continuing Education and Summer School as Chairman, three faculty members elected by Senate for three-year terms, and two students elected by Senate for one-year terms, one from among the continuing education students, the other from the undergraduate academic body. The committee met monthly during the academic year and held additions meetings during the summer as required.

The purpose of the Committee on Teaching and Learning is to contribute to the maintaining, fostering and appreciating excellence in teaching and learning at the Mount. Functions of the committee are: to foster and recognize excellence in teaching; to monitor new developments in teaching approaches and' pedagogies, and to inform Senate of such developments; to consider and advise on academic matters and planning for areas of innovative education such as distributed learning, co-operative education and non-credit programming; to organize and support professional development opportunities in teaching for faculty, possibly in collaboration with similar committees or institutes at other Atlantic universities; to consider and bring recommendations to Senate on policy matters affecting teaching and learning, including instruments for student ratings of teaching; to provide a forum for the discussion of curriculum, pedagogy, teaching and learning consistent with the University's mission; to monitor the availability of resources related to teaching enhancement and to make recommendations to the library for the acquisition of such resources; to act as a clearing house for the dissemination of information on teaching enhancement to members of the university communities; to serve as the selection committee for the Instructional Leadership Award; and to act as an appeal committee for Prior Learning Assessment Review.

The membership includes the Vice-President (Academic) and the Director of Distance and Learning and Continuing Education, both ex-officio. Members also include four members of faculty and a winner of the Alumnae Teaching Award, as well as one student chosen by the Student's Union.

Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds and consists of minutes of meetings and memorandums generated by the Committee on Continuing Education and Summer School (1971-1979) resulting from the functions of reassessing on a continuing basis the function of extension, continuing education, and summer school in a changing society to meet the needs of society and the University; effect long-range planning of courses to avoid duplication; examining the content for courses no in the regular calendar; planning calendars for publications; meeting with the corresponding body at Dalhousie University; consulting with the department and dean to secure professors for summer school and continuing education courses and, encouraging appropriate department to provide research on the development of adult courses and on patters of adult learning; memorandums generated by the Ad-Hoc Committee on Expansion (1974-1975) which was formed in 1974 to explore the ways and means of expanding the Mount Saint Vincent University course offerings outside of the normal day-time period. Also includes a copy of the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Newsletter, No. 39, February 2005.

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Senate minutes

Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds and consists of meeting minutes, with agendas and supporting documents {1966-1997) supporting the functions of determining the courses of study and standards for admission to the University and for continued enrolment therein and the requirements for certificates, diplomas and degrees; establishing procedures for the evaluation of student performance; approving recipients of certificates, diplomas and degrees, including honorary degrees, to be granted by the University; providing for the convening and conduct of convocations; dealing with all matters arising in connection with fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, medals, prizes and other awards; being responsible for library policy; determining the academic qualifications for appointment and promotion of faculty; determining the academic terms on which any faculty, schools, institute, department, chair or course of instruction may be established or discontinued and on which any agreement for academic co-operation may be made with individuals or groups outside the University; and regulating the conduct, activities and discipline of students; and appointing an executive committee and such other committees as it may deem advisable and delegate to any such committee any of its powers.; letters informing committee members of their positions on various Senate committees (1990); a Report to Senate from the Committee on Academic Structure (14 Feb 1979) generated when the Committee was given the mandate to investigate all matters pertaining to the distribution of responsibility and communications throughout the University. The position of Vice President Academic was created as a result of this report.

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Mount Saint Vincent University Senate fonds

  • UR-017
  • Arquivo
  • 1957-2003

Fonds consists of minutes, agendas, memorandums, correspondence, background documents, and reports generated by the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate and its various committees.

Fonds consists of fifteen series:

  1. Senate minutes
  2. Executive Committee
  3. Academic Coordinating Committee
  4. Committee on Academic Policy and Planning
  5. Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence
  6. Committee on Cultural Affairs
  7. Committee on Information Technology and Services
  8. Committee on Research and Publications
  9. Committee on Teaching and Learning
  10. Communications Committee
  11. Library Committee
  12. Nominations Committee
  13. Student Affairs Committee
  14. Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarship Committee
  15. Ad Hoc Committee on University Government

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University / Congregation Committee fonds

  • UR-016
  • Arquivo
  • 1974-1976

Fonds consists of correspondence and reports regarding the Ownership of Mount Saint Vincent University and the relationship of the University with the congregation of the Sisters of Charity (1974-1976). Includes the proposal by the Board of Governors to acquire the University from the Sisters of Charity.

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President’s Advisory Committee

  • UR-014
  • Arquivo
  • 1968-1981

Fonds consists of bound minutes of meetings and agendas of the Administrative Committee (1968-1981).

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Program Information

Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University School of Nursing fonds and consists of course materials for various courses taught through the School of Nursing. The course materials include outlines, descriptions, notes, exams, tests, assignments, and correspondence. This series also contains budget reports, evaluations forms, brochures, newspaper clippings and copies of affiliation agreements, as well as reports about the Mount Saint Vincent University School of Nursing.


Series forms part of the Mount Saint Vincent University School of Nursing fonds and consists of correspondence with students, correspondence with various institutions associated with the School of Nursing, such as the Dalhousie University School of Nursing and the Halifax Infirmary, as well as, general correspondence with various organizations pertaining to the Nursing Program at Mount Saint Vincent University.

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