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Home Maker's Conference [sound recording]

Side A of this audio recording includes a talk given by Judy [Judith] Giffen, a lawyer with Nova Scotia Legal Aid, on the legal rights of homemakers, including the history of women's legal rights and the rights and obligations of married women in Nova Scotia. This talk takes place from 00:02:28 to 00:29:19; question period from 00:29:30 to 00:48:40. Dr. Lorette Toews from Acadia University speaks from 00:49:00 to 00:50:55 on the creation of a new women's studies journal, Atlantis. Kathy Logan, Coordinator of International Women's Year for Nova Scotia, summarises the responses to the seven main questions discussed in the morning session of the conference from 00:51:36 to 1:03:32. Side B of this recording contains discussion of part-time work and MLA Melinda MacLean speaks on creating a homemakers association. MSVU President Sister Mary Albertus speaks from 00:09:58 to 00: on the Mount's perspective on women's education, employment, and overall enrichment. These talks took place during the afternoon (2:30 - 4:00 pm) of the Home Maker's Conference.

Home Maker's Conference [sound recording]

This recording contains two sides. Side A of this recording contains a panel discussion on the status of the home maker with a panel of seven women, each giving a speech about themselves and their type of home making and/or their struggles and successes as home maker. Side B is the continuation of the panel followed by questions. Side A of this recording's panel discussion begins with an introduction to this panel on the status of the homemaker from Mary [?] which takes place between 00:00:00 to 00:00:48. Sarah Niche invites attendees to find someone they've never met and introduce themselves followed by a short introduction to the panel and panelists from 00:00:49 to 00:05:09. From 00:05:09 to 00:13:25 Daphne Carver speaks on her personal experience as an urban homemaker. From 00:13:34 to 00:23:00 Rosemary Constanzo [sp] speaks about the homemakers influence as consumers. From 00:23:01 to 00:32:30 Peggy Neil discusses rural homemaking. From 00:32:31 to 00:37:18 Carol Reggan discusses private homemaking and public life. From 00:37:19 to 00:55:15 Lilian Wrisely [sp] speaks about employment relationships. From 00:55:16 to 01:03:21 Barbara Hoare [sp] speaks about how the homemaker is seen by others. From 01:03:22 to 01:03:54 Mary MacKenzie [sp]'s speech is entitled it's great to be me. The recording cuts off after less than a minute of Mary's speech. Side B is a continuation from the panel of homemakers. Mary McKenzie's [sp] speech from Side A continues from 00:00:00 to 00:06:25. From 00:06:26 to 00:7:34 Sarah Niche reflects on the speeches and opens the floor up to questions. From 07:35 to 00:14:11 attendees ask questions and make comments which are difficult to hear in the recording. From 00:14:12 to 00:17:27 schedule updates are given by an unnamed woman. From 00:17:28 to 00:18:59 the director of the Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery, Mary Sparling says a welcome to attendees. From 00:18:59 to 00:23:19 are the sounds are the attendees leaving the room where this panel was taking place.

History of MSVU [sound recording]

This recording contains a short biography of Sisters of Charity, Mother Elizabeth Seton and Mount Saint Vincent and testimonials from women who attended Mount Saint Vincent University as well as information on the sisters work assignments. From 00:00:00 to 00:03:24 details some of the history of the Sisters of Charity, Mother Elizabeth Seton and Mount Saint Vincent University with shared narration between an unnamed man and woman. Between 00:03:24 to 00:05:38 is an explanation from an unnamed girl why a young woman would decide to enter a convent. From 00:05:39 to 00:06:33 a narrator lists the demands which will be made upon women entering the convent including religious, professional and interpersonal requirements. From 00:06:33 to 00:08:47 is a speech from Father Keshen. From 00:08:47 to 00:10:13 the unnamed girl from earlier in the recording returns to speak about her experience at Mount Saint Vincent. From 00:10:13 to 00:11:16 the male narrator recites a prayer. From 00:11:16 to 00:12:13 the unnamed girl returns to continue to speak about her experience at Mount Saint Vincent University and receiving her first teaching assignment. From 00:12:14 to 00:13:11 a narrator lists the various work assignments the Sister of Charity are placed in and introduces Sister Mary Claire who works in Saint Joseph's Orphanage. From 00:13:12 to 00:14:51 Sister Mary Claire speaks about her role at the orphanage and how the orphanage operates. From 00:14:52 to 00:15:41 the orphanage's Superintendent Sister John Elizabeth answers questions on adoption. From 00:15:41 to 00:18:46 the narrator speaks about the lives of the orphans, the instructors at Mount Saint Vincent University and discusses how the university operates at the time of the recording and compares it to the past and provides some additional historical information. From 00:18:47 to 00:21:51 women sing various songs which includes some historical information on the high mass for Saint Vincent De Paul from the narrator at 00:20:13 to 00:20:35. From 00:21:52 to 00:22:08 the narrator speaks about sisters from the Sisters of Charity who went to McNabbs Island when people with cholera were placed. 00:22:09 to 00:24:00 the unnamed administrator of the Halifax Infirmary provides history on the hospital, followed by more information of the role the Sisters of Charity played in the Halifax Infirmary from the narrator. From 00:24:01 to 00:26:10 the narrator recites Psalms 84:1.

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Launch Party [For the book "A World Without War"]1998 [moving images]

This recording contains a recording of book launch party for the book "A World Without War by Dr. Frances Early" --Mount Saint Vincent University Professor -- at the Universalist Unitarian Church. There is a performance from the choir the Raging Grannies of Halifax and a speech from John Big [sp?]. Dr. Early additionally speaks at her book launch about the book and writing it over 12 years. Dr. Janet Guildford, MSVUA professor additionally speaks at this launch, congratulating Dr. Early.

Status of women—women and law [sound recording]

This audio reel is an speech by Mary Casey, a Mount Saint Vincent University graduate and lawyer who speaks on women and the law in Nova Scotia, followed by a discussion on the status of women in Canada. The recording is one track. The recording begins with an unnamed woman introducing Mary Casey from 00:00:00 to 00:01:44 this section is difficult to hear. From 00:01:44 to 00:36:46 Mary Casey lectures on women and the law. Mary Casey takes questions and comments from 00:36:46 to 00:54:44. Content Warning: much of the questions, comments from 00:36:46 to 00:54:44 consists of discussion on the legal definitions of rape and statutory rape. From 00:54:44 to 00:58:30 consists of chatter and discussion between attendees and schedule updates. From 00:58:30 to 02:01:22
is a discussion on an unnamed report, the report went over the recommendations on married women and taxation, and the social development of mind (in relation to early childhood education). Discussion on a women's bureau also took place during this time.

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Status of women—Prof. Craig [sound recording]

This recording is one track which contains a lecture from Professor Craig. Content begins at 00:01:10. From 00:01:10 to 00:52:54 Professor Craig discusses family, the Canadian woman and the status of women in Canada. This lecture includes participation from attendees and takes questions throughout his lecture. From 00:53:40 to 0:1:56:17 Professor Craig answers questions and takes comments.

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Family Life [sound recording]

Consists of interviews from AM Chronicle. about teaching home economics in elementary and high schools in Nova Scotia. This recording is two tracks. From 00:00:00 to 00:19:57 on Track A an unnamed man introduces and interviews Dr. Arlene Otto, a professor of economics at the University of Nevada, they discuss teaching home economics to elementary, high school and university aged students. From 00:19:57 to 00:20:09 the tape is blank. From 00:20:09 to 01:01:17 the unnamed man interviews Dr. Jean [illegible] and Dr. Balderson on the teaching of home economics, family life and psychology. Track B begins continues the interview with Dr. Jean [illegible] and Dr. Balderson from 00:00:00 to 00:33:31.

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Women today in Nova Scotia [sound recording]

Content for Track A begins at 00:00:31. From 00:00:31 to 00:02:49 an unnamed woman introduces the session. From 00:02:54 to 00:11:02 Chairwoman Dr. Theresea MacNeil (chair of the executive committee that planned the conference) Margaret Colpits [sp?] (coordinator of the conference) and Shirley Steele (Continuing Education, Mount Saint Vincent) make various announcements about the schedule and conference. From 00:11:02 to 29:17 groups present recommendations which concern women in a variety of ways. From 00:29:17 to 00:29:48 the tape is chatter and then blank. From 00:29:48 to 00:31:10 an unnamed woman introduces Margaret Colpits. Margaret Colpits discusses putting together the conference and introduces Sister Mary Albertus from 00:31:00 to 00:35:30. From 00:35:30 to 00:41:39 Sister Mary Albertus speaks about Women in Nova Scotia fulfilling their potential and discusses International Women's Year. From 00:41:30 to 00:43:38 Margaret Colpits speaks to the assistance from the province of Nova Scotia and introduces a representative of the premiere - Walter Fitzgerald, Minister of Labour and Housing. From 00:43:40 to 00:50:23 Walter Fitzgerald speaks about women in the workforce. From 00:50:23 to 00:52:11 Margaret Colpits introduces William C. Stewart from the federal department of manpower and immigration. William C. Stewart also discusses women in the workforce and there importance place in economic and social development from 00:52:11 to 01:02:06. From 01:02:06 to 01:04:35 Margaret Colpits introduces Dr. Katie Cooke who is the Chairman of the advisory council for the status of women). Dr. Cooke moderates the panel which begins with a self-introduction from Dr. Jacques Goulet (professor of religious studies), Dr. Goulet also discusses his beliefs surrounding women at home from 01:05:40 to 01:17:01. From 01:17:20 to 01:25:31 Reverend Betty Griffiths (Shediac, New Brunswick) discusses women in the home and the home and mother as a focal point. Women in employment is presented on by Anne Patterson, the director of women's programs with the federal department of Manpower and Immigration from 01:26:33 to 01:35:47. George McCurdy, the director of the Nova Scotia human rights commission discusses women's rights from the perspective of their agency from 01:35:47 to 01:46:31. Joan MacLellan, municipal Councillor from East Hants discusses women in urban and rural communities from 01:49:27 to 01:59:23. From 02:00:00 to 02:04:06 Colleen Campbell discusses women and the improvement of the place of women in society. From 02:04:17 to 02:08:59 the panel takes questions and comments. Track B continues with the question and comment to the panel from 00:00:00 to 26:45.

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Conference: And your Daughters Shall Prophesy [sound recording]

This recording has two sides, Side A is a recording of a conference lecture by Donna Hunger which was part of the launch of the Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women. From 00:00:00 to 00:03:41 Ruth Jefferson, a Chaplain at Mount Saint Vincent introduces Donna Hunter, the Executive Director of the Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada, followed by applause. From 00:03:44 to 00:28:24 Donna Hunter who speaks about the church as an agent for social change. From 00:06:31 to 00:08:14 those in attendance discuss the question Hunter puts forth which is: what would they suggest if they were asked to present on the same subject. From 00:28:27 to 00:36:58 Jean Gordon, the President of the Inter-Church Council of Canada reflected on Hunters question, followed by a question period. From 00:37:59 to 00:44:41 Joyce Kennedy tells the attendees about the rest of their schedule. From 00:44:49 to 00:47:46 an unnamed woman welcomes attendees on the second day of the conference. Side B is a recording of a conference lecture given by Sister Veronica O'Reilly which was part of the launch of the Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women, on the second day of the conference. From 00:00:00 to 00:03:03 a choir preforms Come to the Water. From 00:03:04 to 00:05:30 a welcome and prayer is given by an unnamed woman followed by a moment of silence. From 00:05:31 to 16:53 the parable, The Naked Lady is read by Cherry Paris. From 00:17:03 to 00:18:50 those in attendance discuss the parable, it is too loud to make out any one distinct conversation. From 00:18:50 to 00:19:53 the woman who provided the initial welcome reflects on the parable. From 00:20:04 to 00:21:42 select verses from Come to the Water are preformed again. From 00:21:55 to 00:22:36 Jean Gordon, performed the welcome and Marta Condola [sp], the animator for the Inter-Church Council for Canada. From 00:22:37 to 00:25:08 Marta Condola presented Sister Veronica O'Reilley, followed by applause.From 00:25:09 to 00:47:10 Sister Veronica O'Reilley lectures on women's movements in the Christian Church.

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