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Mount Saint Vincent University. Senate Sous-série
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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is a sub-committee of the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning and reports to Senate through that Standing Committee. Referred to at various times as the Curriculum Committee (established in 1 965) and the Curriculum Sub-Committee, the committee's purpose is to serve as consultant and advisor to Senate on matters dealing with undergraduate curriculum. The membership of the
committee consists of the Dean of Professional Studies and the Dean of Arts and Science as alternating Chairpersons, the Registrar, two full-time members of faculty from each division and one faculty member at large, as well as one third or fourth-year student representative named by the Student Union.

Sub-series forms part of the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning series and consists of minutes, correspondence and background material created by the Curriculum Committee or Curriculum Sub-Committee (1979- 1989); and reports of the Curriculum Committee (1967- 1968) generated by the Committee when fulfilling the functions of reviewing and recommending to Senate in all matters of undergraduate degrees; serving as an advisory body to the various departments in areas involving undergraduate curriculum; recommending to the Senate qualifications for undergraduate degrees; and approving Distance Learning and Continuing Education non-credit programs. Sub-series also consists of minutes of meetings held by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee with the Heads of various University departments (1965- 1967).

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