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Mount Saint Vincent University. Student Union
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Financial Documents

This series contains various financial documents relating to Mount Saint Vincent’s Student Union. Some documents relate to the spending of various societies while others relate to the businesses run by the Union such as the corner store (Crow n' Go) and pub (Vinnie's Pub). Others relate to the general spending of the Union. The primary document type within this series is financial statements. The series also includes budgets, schedules of revenues and expenses, a breakdown of student union fees and how they are spent, auditors’ reports, and other miscellaneous financial documents.

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Businesses and Services

This series contains information about the businesses and services which are owned and operated by the Mount Saint Vincent Student Union. Presently, the series contains information about Vinnie’s Pub. The series contains a pub management agreement and related documents, statistics regarding pub revenues and attendance, and documents related to pub renovations.

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This series contains information about internal and external Mount Saint Vincent University committees, on which members of the student council serve or work in conjunction with. The series contains an internal and external subseries to separate the committees that are internal and external to the university. The internal committees include Graduation Photographer Committee, Building Committee, an Advisory Committee on the Status of Women, a Student Liaison Committee, and Student Affaires Committee. The series also includes the Student Aid Advisory Committee, which is a provincial government committee and is external to the university.

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Student Union Projects

This series contains documents relating to projects organized by the Mount Saint Vincent Student Union. The series contains information about the Mount’s single parent support group, and information regarding off-campus student housing.

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Mount Association for Non-Traditional University Students

This series contains information about the Mount Association for Non-Traditional University Students (MANUS), which was formally known as Campus Association of Part-Time University Students (CAPUS). This organization began in in order to meet the needs of non-traditional (mature and part-time) students attending the Mount and was overseen by the Student Union. The series contains information about the formation of the organization, information about when the organization was knows as CAPUS, administrative materials, conference information, information about Shinerama participation, a survey of members, orientation information, information regarding the task force for the report to the Nova Scotia Royal Commission on Post-Secondary Education, financial information relating to MANUS, and documents related to the continuing education committee. The series also contains information about the Canadian Organization of Part-Time University Students, which was a larger governing body to which CAPUS and MANUS belonged.

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This file contains 2 versions of the Mount Saint Vincent class mottos, colours, and flowers for the graduating classes of 1962 - 1965, the Mount's Cap and Gown Pledge, the 1970 graduating class yearbook, a President's Report (1970 - 1971), 2 issues of Insight (Vol. 3 No. 2 Dec. ’73 and Vol. 4 No. 2 Jan. ’75), a postcard sent to the minister of finance, and an obituary for Sister Geraldine (2005).

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Administrative Materials

This series consists of textual and graphic administrative materials that relate to the Mount Saint Vincent Student Union. This series contains minutes from Student Union executive and committee meetings, a Councilor's Handbook, Student Union executive membership, reports from Student Union executive members, miscellaneous reports, copies and revisions of the constitution, annual general meeting minutes, personnel files, records of correspondence, records of computer systems used, campus bulletins, newspaper clippings that related to the Union, and Student Union by-laws.

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Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union fonds

  • UR-004
  • Arquivo
  • ca. 1920 - 2011

Fond consists of textual records and photographs relating to Mount Saint Vincent University's Student Union. The contents of this collection were largely created by the student council members and administration at MSVU. The largest series within this collection is administrative materials but there are also many documents relating to events, publications such as the Student Handbook and student newspaper (the Picaro), financial documents, documents relating to Student Union regulations, the Student Union’s businesses and services, as well as committees on which student council members serve, Student Union projects, and documents relating to non-traditional Mount students and the organizations to which they belong. The Mount Saint Vincent University Student associations included within the fonds are at least partially governed by executive members of the Student Union.

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This series is composed primarily of photographs, correspondence, budgets, and invitations. Events include Orientation Week, the Alumnae and Athletics Awards Banquet, Senior Class Reception, Trivia Pursuit tournaments, and others.

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