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Laura Carten fonds
PR-030 · Fondo · 1800-1960

The fonds contains Laura Carten's personal collection of autographs and letters, which she dubbed "Autographed Signed Letters of Eminent Persons". This collection of letters and autographs come from unknown sources, but were presumably bought or given to Laura Carten by those who knew of her interests in literature and history. The majority of the letters are from the 19th and early 20th centuries and are written between external correspondents and recipients. A smaller portion of the letters are written to Laura Carten in her capacity as a journalist, president of the Canadian Author's Association and literary enthusiast.

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202302-001-3 · Unidad documental simple · 1897
Parte de Laura Carten fonds

Letter from O. A. Aiken to Thos. Mulvey accepting an invitation to the dinner of the Canadian Magazine given the length of the parliamentary sittings for that day allow it.

Oliver Aiken Howland (1847-04-18 – 1905-03-19) was representing South Toronto in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1897 when the letter was written. He continued to become mayor of Toronto between 1901-1902. He was also notably the Vice President of the Canadian Bar Association between 1894-1895 and president of the Internal Deep Waterways Association.

202302-001-4 · Unidad documental simple · 1897
Parte de Laura Carten fonds

Letter from James MacPherson Le Moine to Thomas Mulvey, Esquire, declining an invitation from the Canadian Magazine and expressing his well wishes in his place.

James MacPherson Le Moine (1825-01-24 – 1912-02-05) was a writer and historian and served as elected president of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, as well as president of the French section of the Royal Society of Canada. In 1897 he had the honor of being Knighted by Queen Victoria.

Letter 4
202302-001-5 · Unidad documental simple · [?]
Parte de Laura Carten fonds

Letter with an unknown sender and unknown recipient.

Manuscript 1 : Thomas O’Hagan
202302-001-7 · Unidad documental simple · [Before 1939]
Parte de Laura Carten fonds

Poem “I Take Off My Hat to Albert” by Thomas O’Hagan, handwritten by Thomas O’Hagan. The poem is about his love for King Albert I of Belgium, and was featured in his book of poetry Songs of Heroic Days (1916)

Dr. Thomas O’Hagan (1855-03-06 – 1939-03-01) Thomas O’Hagan was a poet and teacher from Ontario. He studied at the University of Ottawa, Syracuse University, Cornell, Columbia, Chicago, Louvain, Grenoble and Fribourg Universities, and Laval University. He taught in various highschools across Ontario and lectured on literature. He published books of poetry including A Gate of Flowers (1887) and In Dreamland and Other Poems (1893).

Manuscript 3 : Frank Oliver Call
202302-001-12 · Unidad documental simple · [Between 1910 and 1919]
Parte de Laura Carten fonds

Poem “In a Belgian Garden” handwritten by author Frank Oliver Call. 

Frank Oliver Call (1878-04-11 – 1956) was a Canadian poet as well as a professor of modern languages at McGill and Bishop’s Universities. Call won the Quebec Literary Competition Award in 1924 and served as president of the Eastern Townships Art Association, as well as serving on the advisory council on award for Canadian Poetry Magazine, PEN Club and the Canadian Authors Association.

Manuscript 4 : Helena Coleman
202302-001-14 · Unidad documental simple · 19–
Parte de Laura Carten fonds

Unpublished poem handwritten by Helena Coleman titled ‘On Viewless Roads’

Helena Coleman (1860-1953) was born in Newcastle, Durham, Ontario. She suffered from polio at the age of eleven which limited her use of her legs. She taught music at the Ontario Ladies’ College and mentored many young female writers and poets, including Marjorie Pickthall and Ethelwyn Wetherald.

202302-001-17 · Unidad documental simple · 1897
Parte de Laura Carten fonds

Letter from Martin Joseph Griffin to J. A. Cooper, Esq declining an invitation to the Canadian Magazine banquet. 

Martin Joseph Griffin (1847-1921) was a lawyer and editor of the Halifax Express, Halifax Herald, and Toronto Mail. He was appointed parliamentary librarian from 1885-1920.

202302-001-19 · Unidad documental simple · 1888
Parte de Laura Carten fonds

A letter from Goldwin Smith to Robert James Long discussing his Liberal Unionist views opposing Home Rule in Ireland.

Goldwin Smith (1823-08-13 – 1910-06-07) was an English born writer and journalist who moved to Canada in 1871, a move made permanent by his marriage to Harriet Elizabeth Mann, the widow of William Henry Boulton. Smith was active in politics and held liberal views. He voiced his views in a publication called the Bystander which he began in 1879 and ended in 1890. He advocated for global colonial emancipation, except for in the cases of India and Ireland who he deemed to be “amiable but thriftless.”

Letter 18 : George Robert Parkin
202302-001-27 · Unidad documental simple · 1897
Parte de Laura Carten fonds

A letter from George Robert Parkin to an unnamed recipient replying to an invitation to a banquet. He regrets his prior engagements for that day, but offers to attend late. The letter is printed on Upper Canada College letterhead.

George Robert Parkin (1846-02-08 – 1922-06-25) was the headmaster of Upper Canada College between 1895-1902. Parker was involved with the Imperial Federation League, and became respectable in the world of Canadian politics, although he was not favored by French Canadians, Africans and European Immigrants due to his primarily white view and Christian idealism.