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Archivistische beschrijving
Provenance Files
202302-001-1 · Bestanddeel · 1958 - 1960
Part of Laura Carten fonds

Handwritten title page for the collection. Biographical information on Laura Paty Carten. Release to Executor contract between Mount St. Vincent College and The Eastern Trust Company regarding the transfer of the Estate of Laura Carten.

202302-001-65 · Stuk · 1944
Part of Laura Carten fonds

A letter from Guy Pocock to [?], a friend, who was inquiring about some of his books for a friend who enjoyed his writing. He enclosed a signature to attach to a book shall his friend find a copy, and adds details about his travels.

202302-001-7 · Stuk · [Before 1939]
Part of Laura Carten fonds

Poem “I Take Off My Hat to Albert” by Thomas O’Hagan, handwritten by Thomas O’Hagan. The poem is about his love for King Albert I of Belgium, and was featured in his book of poetry Songs of Heroic Days (1916)

Dr. Thomas O’Hagan (1855-03-06 – 1939-03-01) Thomas O’Hagan was a poet and teacher from Ontario. He studied at the University of Ottawa, Syracuse University, Cornell, Columbia, Chicago, Louvain, Grenoble and Fribourg Universities, and Laval University. He taught in various highschools across Ontario and lectured on literature. He published books of poetry including A Gate of Flowers (1887) and In Dreamland and Other Poems (1893).

202302-001-34 · Stuk · 1939
Part of Laura Carten fonds

A letter from Madge Macbeth to Laura Carten acknowledging her new appointment as the president of the Canadian Authors Association. 

Madge Macbeth (1878-1965) was a Canadian writer who had a deep involvement with the Canadian Authors Association, and who founded the Ottawa Little Theatre. She promoted Canadian literature and supported young and female writers.

202302-001-55 · Stuk · 1939
Part of Laura Carten fonds

A letter from Alexander Macmillan, the Nova Scotia Minister of Highways, to Laura Carten thanking her for her correspondence.

Alexander S. MacMillan (1870-1955) was a Nova Scotia politician and was the 13th premier of Nova Scotia between 1940-1945.

Autograph 3 : Lorenzo Perosi
202302-001-83 · Stuk · 1939
Part of Laura Carten fonds

Autograph of Lorenzo Perosi, attached to a short postcard he sent to a friend.

Lorenzo Perosi (1872-1956) was an Italian composer and music director of the Sistine chapel, under five Popes including Pope Pius X.

202302-001-28 · Stuk · 1937
Part of Laura Carten fonds

A letter from George Matthew Adams indicating he has sent a contribution of $10.00 to support Rainbow Haven Children’s Camp.

George Matthew Adams was an American newspaper columnist who’s camp “Weskawenaak” in Grand Lake Station, Nova Scotia, was featured on popular publication “Glimpses of Nova Scotia” in 1932.

202302-001-54 · Stuk · 1936
Part of Laura Carten fonds

A personal letter from Margaret Laurie to Laura Carten updating her on her recent travels around Nova Scotia. Included was a small religious book written by Arthur Mercer, who she claims is a friend of her brother.

202302-001-80 · Stuk · 1934
Part of Laura Carten fonds

Letter from Evelyn Tufts to Farmer Smith telling of her travels to the Arctic to cover a murder case for the Canadian Press. She included a photo of herself in a parka alongside a husky dog. Also Included was a letter Tufts wrote to the “Rainbows”, the members of the Rainbow Club column written by Farmer Smith. The letter details her experiences in Coronation Gulf, Northwest Territories and information about how the residents live.

Evelyn Tufts (b. 1890) was a political correspondent for the Halifax Herald. She retired in 1952 and became the first woman honourary member of the Ottawa Press Gallery.

Envelope 6
202302-001-110 · Stuk · 1933
Part of Laura Carten fonds

Envelope addressed to Laura P. Carten at the Halifax Herald