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Mount Saint Vincent University audio-visual collection
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Home Maker's Conference [sound recording]

This recording contains two sides. Side A of this recording contains a panel discussion on the status of the home maker with a panel of seven women, each giving a speech about themselves and their type of home making and/or their struggles and successes as home maker. Side B is the continuation of the panel followed by questions. Side A of this recording's panel discussion begins with an introduction to this panel on the status of the homemaker from Mary [?] which takes place between 00:00:00 to 00:00:48. Sarah Niche invites attendees to find someone they've never met and introduce themselves followed by a short introduction to the panel and panelists from 00:00:49 to 00:05:09. From 00:05:09 to 00:13:25 Daphne Carver speaks on her personal experience as an urban homemaker. From 00:13:34 to 00:23:00 Rosemary Constanzo [sp] speaks about the homemakers influence as consumers. From 00:23:01 to 00:32:30 Peggy Neil discusses rural homemaking. From 00:32:31 to 00:37:18 Carol Reggan discusses private homemaking and public life. From 00:37:19 to 00:55:15 Lilian Wrisely [sp] speaks about employment relationships. From 00:55:16 to 01:03:21 Barbara Hoare [sp] speaks about how the homemaker is seen by others. From 01:03:22 to 01:03:54 Mary MacKenzie [sp]'s speech is entitled it's great to be me. The recording cuts off after less than a minute of Mary's speech. Side B is a continuation from the panel of homemakers. Mary McKenzie's [sp] speech from Side A continues from 00:00:00 to 00:06:25. From 00:06:26 to 00:7:34 Sarah Niche reflects on the speeches and opens the floor up to questions. From 07:35 to 00:14:11 attendees ask questions and make comments which are difficult to hear in the recording. From 00:14:12 to 00:17:27 schedule updates are given by an unnamed woman. From 00:17:28 to 00:18:59 the director of the Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery, Mary Sparling says a welcome to attendees. From 00:18:59 to 00:23:19 are the sounds are the attendees leaving the room where this panel was taking place.

[Alumnae Special] Art Gallery: "In Her Place" [moving image]

This recording contains a special episode of the Alumnae Special, hosted by Dilly MacFarlane which includes an interview between Mary Sparling, the Director of the Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery and Diane O'Neil who curated the exhibit "In her Place" which traces history of art through images of women from 1600 onward. In this interview Sparling and O'Neil discuss creating the exhibit from 00:00:00 to 00:29:58. From 00:30:47 to 00:35:16 appears to only the audio of a lecture on economic nationalism and politics. The video is blank from 00:35:16 to 00:44:14.

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Fall Convocation 2004 [moving images]

This recording contains president's welcome from University President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Sheila A. Brown and the presentation of certificates and diplomas and conferring of academic degrees. The award for research excellence was also presented to Dr. Reginald Stewart. The recording of this ceremony additionally contains the conferring of honourary degrees. Recipients of the Doctor of Humane Letters include: Aldéa Landry, Mary Sparling and Catherine McKinnon. Catherine McKinnon gave the address to the graduates. University Chancellor and Congregational Leader of the Sisters of Charity, Donna Geernaert gave the formal closing.

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[Vicki Gabereau interviews Mary Sparling/] [sound recording]

This recording is two sided, on Side A of this recording contains an interview by Vicki Gabereau on CBC radio's show "Gabereau" with Mary Sparling. On Side A from 00:00:00 to 00:25:31 they discuss Sparling's retirement from the MSVU Art Gallery from . From 00:25:31 to 00:26:56 the audio cuts out. From 00:25:56 to 00:34:46 the interview continues. On Side B from 00:00:00 to 00:02:50 is the end of a lecture on best representing American Indigenous art. From 00:03:05 to 00:19:23 Kinshasha Conwill, the director of the Studio Museum on Harlem lectures on the ownership and barriers of culture. From 00:19:36 to 00:32:12 on challenging Euro-centrism. From 00:32:12 to 00:33:22 question and comments are introduced. The content on Side B does not appear to have taken place at Mount Saint Vincent University.

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Alumnae Special: Pepsi Challenge [moving image]

This recording contains a special episode of the Alumnae Special, hosted by Dilly MacFarlane who interviews Debby Patty Matheson (Chair of the annual Fund drive) and Valerie Birkemsher (Coordinator of Annual Fund drive) on the Pepsi Challenge and Fundrive. There are additionally clips of a kite flying event at the Mount.

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Science Centre Opening [moving images]

This recording contains a reception for the opening of the Catherine Wallace Centre for Women in Science building at the Mount. Dr. Elizabeth Parr-Johnson, University President makes a speech. As does the Minister of Advanced Education Honourable Leblanc, Dale Godeson (Chair of the Board of Governors), Chair of the Nova Scotia Council Janet Halliwell and as well as an unnamed member of the Mount or the Nova Scotia Government. Gretchen Nickle, from the alumni association plants the time capsule and makes a speech. There is additionally a tour of the building and an interview with a professor and her students. There is also a clip of an interview with the registrar at the end of this video.

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[Nancy Rowell Jackman Series] Dr. Maria Mies [moving images]

This recording contains a lecture from Dr. Maria Mies (author and Professor of Sociology in Germany) as a part of the Nancy Rowell Jackman Chair Women's Studies Lecture Series. Dr. Mies' lecture is on "The Global in the Local, an Eco-Feminist Perspective." Dr. Mies takes questions and comments after her lecture.

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Nancy Rowell Jackman Series: Dr. Ann Fausto-Sterling Series [moving images]

This recording contains a lecture from Dr. Ann Fausto-Sterling (Brown University Professor) as a part of the Nancy Rowell Jackman Chair Women's Studies Lecture Series. Dr. Fausto-Sterling lecture is titled Reclassifying Biology: Race, Gender and Adams Task. Dr. Fausto-Sterling takes questions and comments after her lecture.

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Nancy Rowell Jackman Series: Lecture #1 – Dr. Nina Colwill [moving images]

This recording contains a lecture from Dr. Nina Colwill (author and owner of Decision Research) in the Nancy Rowell Jackman Chair in Women's Studies Lecture Series. Dr. Colwill's lecture is titles "Where have we been and where are we going? A model of gender - role change." Dr. Sheila A. Brown, Academic Vice President introduces Dr. Colwill.

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Why a women's university [panel] [moving images]

This recording contains a panel discusses gender and equity in the 1990s after a keynote speech which is not recorded on this video. The panel includes; Dr. Bry Frank (Department of Education), Susan Lefort (Member of Mount Saint Vincent Student Association of non-traditional university students), Catherine Mead (Equity Officer at the Barristers Society of Nova Scotia), Dr. Laurie Neilsen (Department of Education at MSVU) and Dr. Esmeralda Thornhill (Professor of Law at Dalhousie Law School). Following a five minute speech from the panelists they answer questions and comments.

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