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Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

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A woman today seminar [sound recording]

This recording contains the audio of two panels from the A Woman Today Seminar. There are two tracks on this recording. Track A begins with general announcements and welcome. From 00:01:02 to 00:03:15 Brenda Shipton, the chairman of the event introduces the first panel which consists of; Sister Marie Gillan, Jean Hartley [sp?], Dr. Jacques Goulet and Dr. Tony Bruder [sp?]. From 00:04:00 to 00:31:50 the attendees (who have been separated into groups prior to this recording) read notes from their group discussion on how women identify themselves and are identified by others. From 00:32:12 to 00:34:54 Tony Bruder reacted to the panel. Jean Hartley also reacted to the panel from 00:34:56 to 00:40:41 as does Dr. Jacques Goulet from 00:40:52 to 00:54:08. From 00:55:11 to 01:17:52 comments and questions are presented from attendees. There is no audio from 01:20:12 to 01:21:12. At 01:21:12 a new panel begins. The panelists are introduced from 01:21:38 to 01:22:31 which includes; Marilyn Kelly, Shirley Fishman, Sister Agnes Martha, Joan Cooke, Mary Casey, Maragret Kripton, Mrs. Richard Goldbloom, Betty Perks, Caroline Goodfellow, as well as a reactor panel which includes; Maureen Lyle, Sister Geraldine Anthony, Reverend Don Shipton and Father Barry Wheaton. From 01:22:31 to 01:29:52 Marilyn Kelly discusses making choices as a single woman. From 01:30:00 to 01:35:46 Shirley Fishman discusses making choices as a student. From 01:35:54 to 01:44:10 Mary Casey discusses making choices as a working woman. From 01:44:15 to 01:51:24 Sister Agnes Martha discusses making choices as a religious woman. From 01:51:4 to 01:59:35 Margaret Kripton discusses making choices as a working wife and mother. From 02:00:02 to 02:12:01 Betty Perks discusses making choices as a mother at home. From 02:12:22 to 02:30:30 one of the panelists discusses making choices as a divorced woman. From 02:30:48 to 02:41:01 one of the panelists discusses making choices as a volunteer. From 02:41:07 to 02:50:53 one of the panelists discusses making choices as a grandmother and a widow. From 02:58:40 to 03:11:30 Sister Geraldine Anthony, Maureen Lyle, Reverend Don Shipton and Father Barry Wheaton react to the panel. Track B continues with Father Barry Wheaton's reaction to the panel from 00:00:19 to 00:03:20. From 00:04:30 to 00:11:37 attendees presented question and comments to the panelists and panel reactors. From 00:13:24 to 00:15:19 Sister Catherine Wallace, Mount Saint Vincent University President makes a short speech on the panel and the advancement of women. The recording is blank from 00:16:38 to 00:42:44. From 00:42:44 to 01:27:28 is a collection of various songs, beginning with "Oh Canada"

Mount Saint Vincent University (TBU)

Administrative Materials

This file contains administrative material related to the Mount Association for Non-Traditional University Students (MANUS) at Mount Saint Vincent University. This file contains reports, meeting minutes, the MANUS Constitution, and general records of correspondence.

Mount Saint Vincent University. Student Union

Administrative Materials

This series consists of textual and graphic administrative materials that relate to the Mount Saint Vincent Student Union. This series contains minutes from Student Union executive and committee meetings, a Councilor's Handbook, Student Union executive membership, reports from Student Union executive members, miscellaneous reports, copies and revisions of the constitution, annual general meeting minutes, personnel files, records of correspondence, records of computer systems used, campus bulletins, newspaper clippings that related to the Union, and Student Union by-laws.

Mount Saint Vincent University. Student Union

Advisory Committee on the Status of Women

This file contains information relating to Mount Saint Vincent University’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women. A member of the student council serves on this committee. The file contains a list of committee members, a copy of the university’s policy on sexual harassment, information about the Advisory Committee to the President on the Status of Women, Advisory Committee meeting minutes, records of correspondence, and information regarding the policies in place at other universities.

Mount Saint Vincent University. Student Union

Afternoon Convocation 2001 [moving images]

This recording contains the presentation of the Alumnae Award for Teaching to Judith Scrimger, the Award for Research Excellence to Dr. Fred Harrington and the Award for Instructional Leadership to Dr. Elizabeth Bowering. The Award for Instructional Leadership was created in 2001. This ceremony recording additionally contains the conferring of an Honourary degree to Beverly Mascoll who was absent from the ceremony. Formal closing was given by Mary Louise Brink, Chancellor of the University and Congregational Leader of Sisters of Charity.

Distance University Education for Television

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