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Mount Saint Vincent University. Department of Office Administration

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  • 1925

In 1925 a Bachelor of Secretarial Science, which later became, a Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Studies was offered at Mount Saint Vincent College in the “commercial department” and later the business department. The program offered a variety of subject courses as well as secretarial courses. In the 1950s, the business department became a separate unit and courses became less broad and more business orientated. In 1958, two-year diploma programs were introduced in Secretarial Science and Medical Secretarial Science. The Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Studies was phased out in 1966 and replaced with a new degree called the Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics. In 1971 the Bachelor of Business Administration was introduced and in 1972, men were admitted for the first time as part-time students into the program. In 1973, the diploma in Secretarial Studies changed to an Executive Secretarial Diploma and a new diploma in Legal Secretarial Studies was offered. In 1976 the Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics, which had been phased out in 1972, was replaced with the Bachelor of Secretarial Arts degree. In 1977 the Business Administration Department and the Secretarial Department separated, however students in the Secretarial program continued to take Business Administration courses. In 1988 the Secretarial Department became the Office Administration Department. That same year the Executive Secretarial Diploma changed to the Diploma in Office Administration: Executive, the Legal Secretarial Diploma became the Diploma in Office Administration: Legal and the Medical Secretarial Diploma became the Diploma in Office Administration: Medical. In 1992 a new degree was developed called the Bachelor of Applied Arts (Information Management). It was the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada and it offered classes in arts, business and information management. The title changed again in 1999 to a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Information Technology, as it is known today. Sister Mary Assisium was in charge of the Secretarial Studies department from 1925 to 1945, followed by Sister Katherine Meagher in 1950. Other known department heads were Sister Anne Fintan (1964-5), Sister Marion Power (1967), Sister Brenda Helton (1970s) and Jean Mills (1990s).

McGowan, Catherine Sarah

  • Persona
  • 1939-1948 (Creation)

Catherine Sarah McGowan, daughter of J.W. McGowan, attended Mount Saint Vincent Academy and was later a student at Mount Saint Vincent College, Halifax, Nova Scotia in the 1940's. In the summer of 1946 she was given the opportunity to work as a junior dietician in the Convalescent Hospital in Montreal, Quebec. In 1948 McGowan graduated from Mount Saint Vincent College with a Bachelor of Science. In 1949 McGowan was employed at the Department of Agriculture doing demonstration work in foods. Catherine later joined the Sisters of Charity and took the name Sister Catherine Joseph Marie. By 1997 Sr. Catherine was running daycare centres--the Jardin de los Ninos, and Centre Elisabeth Seton, and continues to work in the Dominican Republic.

Garnet Rebekah Lodge no. 30

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  • 1851-

Garnet Rebekah Lodge no. 30 was a unit, or lodge, of the International Association of Rebekah Assemblies located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

The Rebekahs (previously the Daughters of Rebekah) is an international service-oriented organization and a branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. It was initially designed as the female auxiliary of the IOOF, but now allows both female and male members.

Sister Lua Gavin

  • Persona

Lua Gavin entered as a postulant to the Sisters of Charity at the age of 16. Sister Lua Gavin taught biology at Mount Saint Vincent College and University in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. She was also involved with the Alumnae Association. She retired as chairman of the Biology Department in 1979, and in 1982 went to St. Brigid's assisted living in Quebec City, Quebec as a coordinator. Sister Martina Marie was her sister, also in the Mount Saint Vincent community.

Mount Saint Vincent University. Senate

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  • 1966-

The Senate of Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, was created in 1966 when Mount Saint Vincent College became Mount Saint Vincent University under Bill 85, granting the University a Charter. Some of the Committees that are now standing committees of Senate do predate Senate, such as the Student Affairs Committee and the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning. The Senate is responsible for the academic policy of the University and regulates the academic programs of the University. The size and membership of the Senate, and the terms of office of its members, are determined by the by-laws of the Senate, subject to Section 8 of the University Charter. Voting members are the President; the Academic Vice-president of the University; the Administrative Vice-president of the University; the Deans; the University Librarian; the Registrar; faculty members elected by the faculty; students elected by the students and such other persons as the Senate from time to time determines. The Chair of Senate is the University President. Senate meets on the last Monday of each month throughout the University session. These meetings are generally open to the University community, subject to limitations including special considerations of confidentiality. All Senate standing and ad-hoc committees report directly to Senate.

Dulhanty, Mary

  • Persona
  • 1909-1999

Mary Dulhanty was born in Springhill, Nova Scotia in 1909, the daughter of Richard and Hannah Dulhanty. She moved with her family to Bridgewater in 1912. Her father died in 1923. Mary had two sisters, Jane (b. 1900) and Margaret (b. 1903), and a brother Frank (b. 1906). Mary graduated from Mount Saint Vincent in June 1927, and emigrated with her mother to New York in 1929. She married William Swift on 11 June 1932, and was divorced in 1936, reconciled, then divorced again in 1938. She followed her sister Jane from California then to Hawaii where she worked for a general contractor. Mary was in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed by the Japanese in 1941. Shortly after she married Alexander Kirkland McKendrick (1916-1968), and they had two children, Mary Elizabeth, called Beth (b. 1942) and James (Jim, b. 1944) and the family spent most of their time in Belmont, California. Mary died 29 April 1999.

Mount Saint Vincent University. Humanities Committee

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The Humanities Committee met to study the structure of the Bachelor of Arts, to discuss the value of Humanities within the BA, to discuss courses at Mount Saint Vincent University related to the Humanities, and to investigate how these courses interacted with other disciplines in the University, among other things. This Committee also wrote the introduction and did any revisions to the Humanities section of the MSVU course calendar.

Mount Saint Vincent University. Department of Nutrition

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  • 1927-1999

The Public Affairs was previously known as the Public Relations Office, University Relations, the Communications Office and the Information Office. Their mandate is to build relationships with our many "publics including government, potential students and their families, alumnae, donors and partners, and the general public

Hagen (family)

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  • Familia
  • 1872-1993

Alice Hagen (née Egan) and her daughters Kathleen Hagen (Fay) and Rachel Hagen (Dickinson) were students at Mount Saint Vincent Academy.

Alice, born in 1872, graduated in 1887 and went on to study and teach at the Victoria School of Art and Design. Alice was an artist, specializing in pottery and china painting, and is considered a founder of the studio pottery movement in Nova Scotia. She remained an active potter well into her 90s. She passed away in 1972.

Alice's eldest daughter Rachel was born in 1902 and graduated in 1922 with a degree in Music (violin). Rachel was an accomplished musician and taught violin for many years in Bridgewater, N.S. Like her mother, Rachel also made pottery and promoted her mother's works by ensuring they were preserved in museums in Nova Scotia and Canada. Rachel passed away in 1993.

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