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Baird, Constance

  • Person

Constance McGrath Baird was a student of Mount Saint Vincent Academy in the late 1920's. She went on to teach at St. Patrick's Boys' School in 1930

Burke, Mary

  • Person
  • 1919-1935

Mary Burke was born in 1919, the daughter of Oswald S. Burke of Kentville, Nova Scotia. She was to have graduated from Mount Saint Vincent Academy in 1935, but died on December 4th of that year. She was a member of the Academy Sodality.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

  • Corporate body
  • 1936-Present

CNR's radio network was the predecessor of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation it operated as a radio network for passenger. CRBC -- the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission took over the CNR radio facilities and started to broadcast in English and French. In 1936 A new Canadian Broadcasting Act created the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation which was established as a crown corporation. Until 1958 the CBC acted not only as broadcaster but also as the regulator of Canadian broadcasting. The CBC began broadcasting television in addition to their radio services in 1952.


  • Corporate body
  • 1977-Present

CKMS began as a campus and community radio station in Waterloo Ontario, operated out of the University of Waterloo. The station launched in 1977 on the FM frequency and has been broadcast from 94.5FM, 100.3 FM and 102.7 FM. CKMS was once largely funded by the University of Waterloo which ceased in 2008, and now operates without any funding or support from the University. The station is run by interested community members and is funded though Co-op membership fees, programmer fees and fundraising activities.

Cormier, Helen Agnes

  • AR-010
  • Person
  • 1895-1972

Helen Agnes Kelly was born June 11, 1895 in Halifax. She was the 10th of 11 children born to John F. and Mary Kelly. Her father was the founder of Kelly's Ltd. and former Deputy Mayor of the City of Halifax. Helen Agnes was a student at St. Patrick's school before coming to Mount Saint Vincent Academy in 1913. She graduated from the Mount in 1916. She was later a president of the Alumnae Association of Mount Saint Vincent.

During her time at the Academy, she was known among her peers as a gifted student of theology and won a good medal in this discipline in 1915. She was proficient in gymnasium work and was particularly talented during debates, her friends describing her as knowledgeable on many topics and able to express herself clearly and accurately.

Helen passed away on January 29, 1972 in Halifax.

Davison, Blossom

  • AR-007
  • Person
  • 1903-unknown

Lena Florence Bennett Davison was born in Halifax on April 14th 1903 to Robie, a lumber merchant, and Celina Davison. She was known to all her friends and peers as Blossom, a name her father gave to her because he thought she was pretty like a flower. Likely, this name also helped distinguish herself from her mother Celina who was also known as ‘Lena’, for short. She had a brother named Ronald.

Blossom was a student at Mount Saint Vincent Academy, graduating in the class of 1921. During her time at the school, Blossom was recognized as an accomplished musician. She was the star violinist at the May 1921 Recital, though she also excelled at the piano. Blossom was also a great athlete, and won the top prize at the school’s 1920 tennis tournament.

When Blossom was 18 years of age, census records note that her family sometimes used the last name ‘Davis’.

When Blossom married, she took the last name Agnew.

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